She’s talking to angels,
She’s counting the stars
Making a wish on a passing car
She’s dancing with strangers,
She’s falling apart

Chemical Interactions

Electron attraction

Can you feel the heat?
From an endothermic reaction
To an exothermic one?
You feel the spark
As negativity encourages spontaneity

Mechanisms of law
And order
As kinetic interactions
Speed up rate due to many factors
With the help of time

Then comes the electricity
Salt bridges that sustain it
What makes a salt?
Acids that are positive
With a slippery base that loves negativity
That make water
As one neutralizes the other
Their relationship creates a curve
With a ginormous spike of increasing slope
As it climaxes to their neutralization point
7 being the point for a strong couple
Opposites attract

Like a nucleophilic and electrophilic substance
Combining into one
R and S diverse as a chiral molecule
SN1 or SN2 
It’s complicated movement
Solely based on attraction

I am not as exciting as these
Chemical interactions
They have everything
From heat, to attraction
And various levels of spontaneity
And amazing complicated structures
No wonder it’s so easy to attract one another
To extend from the system, surrounding, and even the universe
At different phases at any pressure they desire

If I can put a smile on someone’s face
That’s a good spontaneous reaction for me


For Corianderstar =)

Blade to the Beautiful

So soft
Like silk
Biologically made
Large surface area
A work of art

A smooth pretentious parasite
Makes its way
Destroying the art
With precision to the millimeter
With ease
As it glides along the surface
Seeping its way in
As the high of wincing pain
Climaxes it’s performance
Ends dramatically
As it starts looking for more
And more
It repeats
Until satisfied

What is now left
Are lines

Why create these lines?
To destroy something beautiful
That one can touch
Your work of natural art
A smooth surface
Long gone

Some people use many remedies
To try to get rid of all these
Blotches, patches of destroyed
A disease
That just shows up
Due to complications that lie within it

It’s easy to open instead of close, but the hardest thing to open is one’s mind where concepts, ideas, and emotions are placed.

The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret.

Illusion is needed to disguise the emptiness within

Mar 9

Those thoughts when you start thinking…

Beautiful = full of beauty

If you’re only “beautiful” on the outside, then you’re technically not beautiful. Because you’re hollow on the inside.
To call someone beautiful, as he or she looks stunning or radiant by looks, is like polishing their outer coating to make it lustrous and shiny- even that fades away soon
As it fades away, their insides start to show, whether it’s golden or rusty.
Which means a huge percentage of their beauty is mostly on the inside with only a coat/mask to show on the outside.

If you would like to comment on how appealing and attractive their outer coating looks like, just say he or she looks visually stunning, or some other synonym phrase for it- pretty could also work.
Call someone beautiful once you fully know the person, in which any outer coating they put on to polish themselves just adds a little sparkle to a person who is wonderful, amazing, and admirable as a whole.

To sum it up it’s pretty much a huge contrast between
You look beautiful
You are beautiful

It’s all about perception.


Seems stupid to give a random definition to a common used English word, but in a way some people forget the true meaning of a word and start using it as a filler word.

Mar 2


Car goes vroom vroom
Drum goes boom boom
Clock goes tick tock
Tap goes drip drop

Heart goes lub dub
As you hear the sound of love

Lovers say “I love you”
Friends and family say that too
A song goes do re mi
You can tell its off key
Through melody and harmony

Door goes ding dong
Bird goes tweet tweet
People chitter chatter
Rain makes a pitter patter

Waves roar and crash
Ponds splish and splash
Echos repeat everything you say
Silence goes


For Corianderstar XP

You have to stand up before you fall down
You need to get lost before you get found

Each relationship nurtures a strength or weakness within you


A dreary canvas
Boring and plain
No excitement
Bland and lifeless
Same old routine

Like a machine
You’re at the register
Checking out groceries
Stocking up shelves
Same old people
Cranky, meticulous
Bigoted with many complaints
In the tiny town of nowhere

Three girls
Strut through the entrance
Youthful gorgeous
As their strides
Fill the bleak place
With vibrant colors

Coming to you with only one item
A jar of pickles
As their elegance and grace
Entice you with fascination
While the older one gently places the pickle jar
On the counter with a tender touch

You look at them with curiosity
At their exotic beauty
These girls aren’t from here
They must be tourists from another country

She winks at you
Your heart palpitates with excitement
For this is the only interesting event
That ever occurred in 2 years

Once the checkout was over
They seamlessly flowed towards the exit
And soon they were out the door

The place returns to its
Dreary canvas
As the colors and sparks
Of magnificent fireworks are gone
Leaving the building with the girls

You want to see them again
You need to find them
A sudden impulse
Generated by a large spark
That made you run out the door
Hoping these girls would still be there
Maybe they can show you the world
You have yet to see
Maybe you can be their “unsuspected hero”
To rescue them from this gloomy town

Outside the entrance
They vanished into thin air
Never to be seen again

For Corianderstar =)
Based on a short story: A&P by John Updike

It’s scary enough to make me cry

Feb 8


He sees you from afar
Watching your every move
Can see the way you dance to the beat
In your provocative outfit
Trying to showcase your beauty

Constantly seeking validation, attention
From those around you
Especially youthful guys
With “buns” so appealing

You look into your reflection
You see yourself
As a pretty woman
Admiring your physical appearance
Exploring new ways
To make yourself alluring and desirable
For you think that is all you have

You look into your reflection
Only through the surface of your skin
Your smooth complexion
And your lustrous blonde hair
As you try on new hairspray that your mother despises

Hopelessly oblivious
Innocently immature and imperceptive
As you fail to see what you really can become
Your self-worth
Constantly relying on others
Constantly seeking confirmation
That you look alright, pretty

Susceptible to trouble
As your vulnerability makes it easy
To manipulate someone like you

He slowly sees your weakness
He sees your reflection
Sees your value is skin deep
As he toys around with it
Playing mind games on you
Until you surrender to him
For you can’t withstand his power

As a result the devil lures you into his arms
Your name doesn’t fit your identity
It only brings irony
As you walk to your death


For Corianderstar =)


Based on a short story: Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been by Joyce Carol Oates